Metairie LA | Baby-Julia | Are You Asking The Right Questions?

Are you asking the right questions or any questions at all of your photographer? Stay tuned and find out below!  

But first let me introduce you to the crazy Juju!!!  Isn't she awesome??!!! I love this little so much, her personality is just amazing!!!! The FACES y'all!!!!  Too much cuteness in that little body! I'm so glad her momma and dada are capturing these precious personality moments!  I mean come on....these are the moments that we forget!!!


So we just talked about "What Should You Expect In A Photographer" but what are some of the questions you should be asking and why? Most of you who've "shopped" around for sessions have contacted a few different photographers. Maybe your on a budget, maybe to get a feel for who they are as a person, or to see what their policies are about. Have you ever taken the info they've provide you and thought "I don't understand", "they're out of my budget", "how do we go about scheduling?", or "how do I know if this photographer is the right fit?"

First Contact:

You have now goggled, asked friends for recommendations, looked on Facebook, or Instagram to decide on a style of photography you like. And now it's time to start contacting your top few photographers. Are you afraid you will get spammed or caught up in a sales-ie pitch?  You shouldn't be...sending an email or making a phone call isn't committing to anything but open communication between you and your potential photographer. Personally I like phone calls...I'm much funnier over the phone! So you need to ask yourself a few questions first before contacting said photographer:

  • What kind of session do I want? (newborn, wedding, engagement, baby, family, maternity, etc)
  • Does this photographer do this type of session? ( you can always ask if it's not clear on their website...but it should be apparent)
  • Is this the style of photography I want?
  • What dates do I have in mind? (You may need evenings, weekends, etc...not all photographers work weekend or evenings and if they do they are limited and usually book way in advance)
  • Do I need a specific turnaround? (christmas cards, gift, etc.)
  • What is my budget?

Once you have asked yourself those questions now it's time to contact your prospective photographer? What questions do you ask at them:

  • I'm looking for "xxx" session, is this something you specialize in (if not apparent from their website)
  • Are you available "XXX" date or "XXX" mornings?
  • I would like to shoot at "xxx" location, is that possible for you?  or I'm looking for a "XXX" look, do you have a location you use to achieve this? or I like "xxx" photo on you Facebook page is it possible to shoot at that location?
  • I need to have my images back by "xxx" date for a gift for my mom, can you accommodate that or what would be a good date to have the session to get the images back in time?

Information Stage:

Going back to the previous post, we now know when you contact a photographer that they should send you a pricing guide (tells you their pricing) and welcome guide (tells you what to expect). So what do you do with that guide? Do you skim it for pricing only and stop when you "think" it's too expensive. I bet that happens more often than not. But this is where you should be asking some great questions!!!  I'm not saying to haggle pricing!!!!  Photographer prices are their for a pay their overhead, income tax, and hopefully get to pay themselves a little bit too (30% of your session may go to them). So here's what you need to look for and questions to ask after you received the welcome/price guide:

  • You've looked over the guide and hopefully see the process (sign contract, pay retainer, session now booked, how to prepare for session, what to expect at the session, when will I get a sneak peek if at all, when will I have my viewing appointment or gallery delivered, when will my order be read)y. If you don't understand some of the steps or not enough info is provided...ASK...what does it mean "consultation" do we have to meet or can we do it by phone?
  • Hey "xxx" I love your work however you might be out of my budget at this time.  Can you explain to me your pricing better? Is it possible that you offer payment plans? Do you offer baby registries? Or is there a way to purchase gift certificates for me for my birthday?
  • Here is where you also want to ask about specific requests you may have.  Hi "xxx" I would love to have my other children in a photo with my newborn baby, is that possible and is there any additional fee?
  • What precautions do you take for safety (newborns/babies if not evident in the guide)?

You have now hopefully asked all the questions you need to aid you in your decision on which photographer to go with.  Remember Photographers are creatives by nature and generally nurturing people and we want to help you, we want to create beautiful photos of you or your family, we want to help your vision come to life, we want to capture your history, we want you to ask questions. If you don't may have assumed they're too busy or too expensive.  If you don't feel like reading the and ask us!!!  Remember you are choosing to spend your hard earned money on your family's history...choose wisely!!!!  And don't pass up a photographer based on budget!!!!  I get that some may be extremely over your budget....ask what they offer that will fit within your budget, ask if they have payment plans, etc...worst thing they/we can say is no.  PSA: legitimate photography businesses can't do sessions for $'s not possible!!!! SO GO ASK SOME QUESTIONS Y'ALL!!!!