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Mommy shaming...Are you doing it?

We all want the perfect, super secret manual on how to raise our precious babies.  Guess what,  there's no such thing.  We may ask for advise or sometimes it's given when not asked.  As we become mothers I think something changes in all of us....we become a mother bear.  Which is a good thing as we are our children's advocate in life while they can't be their own. You know, that mommy instinct, trust THAT. But it can be a bad thing as well...we sometimes take advice or comments to heart when they're truly coming from a good place.  Or we force our opinions on others because it's something we strongly feel passionate about. 

Mommas around the country have gotten butt hurt or shamed over someones opinion on Breastmilk vs Formula, baby led weening, when to potty train, traditional school vs homeschool, vaccinate or non-vax, or just about anything you can conjure up. Social media and all these mommy groups can be super helpful but also detrimental.  Keyboard jockeys and internet trolls feed off of conflict. So when you add in this new "momma bear" part to your personality...it's like adding in dynamite!  

So while you're scrolling in these mommy groups or in your Facebook newsfeed...don't let the controversy suck you in!!!!  You are your baby's "momma bear"!  What you do for your baby the majority of the time won't be right for Rita's baby next door.  There are NO hard and fast rules on how to raise an incredible human.  It's up to you!  Ignore the people that want to bait you...keep scrolling....and do YOU!  

And remember...don't judge another mama and think it can NEVER happen to you...cause it can!!!!  Organic mom can have babies with issues as well as Pharma mom had babies without.  ***Not promoting drug use here!!!***  You never know someones path and sometimes we don't have control over outcomes. Not everything with Biology is cause and effect.  There's not always someone or something to blame.  Sometimes POOP just happens! Literally POOP happens everyday!

It's up to all of us to do our own research, take advice with a grain of salt, and make sure mama and baby are happy and loved.  Cause when they're older....you won't give two poots what others think. Regardless, they will be your perfect human and all we can do is try our best.  In all honesty...we'll be doing a lot of failing along the way...and thats OKAY.  Says, the OKAYest mom on the planet.  REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE: DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU!!!!