My Story

I’m a mother, wife, aunt, daughter and sister to some pretty amazing people. I’m a Southeastern Louisiana University Graduate with a degree in biology, I'm a closet science nerd...well maybe not so much in the closet. I love time with my family, photography, Spring, Summer, Fall, anything on a boat, anything outdoors, and sleep! Needless to say I’m all over the place.

I've always had my hand in some form of art since I was five. Since high school I've developed a unique love for photography. I received my first DSLR in 2009, the best gift ever (purchased that is). My brother received one years before and I’ve been eyeing it up forever!!! I think santa accidentally swapped gifts that year!!! Needless to say when I got love for photography went through the roof! I haven’t put my camera down or stopped learning since.

I’ve started this business road in 2013 and haven’t once looked back. I’m so lucky to have photographed some of the best babies and families. Every session is an opportunity to grow both technically and creatively. And for that I thank you for joining me on my photography journey.

Linda Duhon