Ponchatoula LA | Newborn Kendall | Choosing The Best Birth Plan

Birth plans are a very personal decision between you and your doctor.   See below to read up on some of the different options you have for both first time moms and veteran moms.  

Let me introduce you to sweet Miss Kendall!  Such a beauty and may have faked us out a little bit but she ultimately slept like a dream!  I don't know about you but this lil lady looks like her Daddy! 

Birth Options

Midwife, OB/GYN: 

What pulls at you heart strings: Having a coach type atmosphere? Having someone with a more natural approach? Anyway you choose it's important to ask questions about their methods and planning for your pregnancy.  You also want to mesh well with their beliefs and personality to yours.  Mostly everyone LOVES their Doctor or Midwife and think they are the best...but what's important to you may not be to them and vice versa! Read up on Midwife vs Doctor HERE


Is a doula right for you? That's something for you to determine. If you are wanting a more natural approach with out an epidural or if you have specific birth plan you are wanting to adhere to I would say a doula may be right for you. If you are wanting a more hands off approach then you may not want a doula.  HERE's a great article on why and how you should choose a doula.

Hospital, Birthing Center or Home Birth

Are you wanting the comfort of your own home?  What about the "safety net" that a hospital provides? What about somewhere in between? These options are something to think about especially in regards to who you choose to assist you in your birth. Check out all of your options HERE

Epidural vs Natural

Here's another option to this about before choosing a midwife or doctor.  Do you want to try natural and have the option for an epidural? Do you absolutely want an epidural? Or are you an all natural girl? Read up on the benefits and risks to both HERE.

Inducing Labor?

Will you be induced? That is a great topic to discuss with your doctor!  I remember that feeling of wanting to evict my babies!!!!  You're beyond uncomfortable and just beyond excited to meet your precious little bundle!!! But is it the right decision for you?  Click HERE to find out the advantages and disadvantage to inducing labor. 

Cesarean sections & VBAC's

Will you have a cesarean?  Who knows! But it is something I think every mother regardless of your "ideal" birth plan needs to be aware of and prepare for.  There are many factors during delivery or health of mom or baby that can lead to a cesarean.  Are there times when they are "rushed" into...yes.  So it's important to at least educate yourself on the idea of one.  Click HERE for more info on some reasons for a C-Section.

Already had a C-Section? Is a VBAC in the cards for you? There are certainly benefits and risks to both a repeat C-Section and having a VBAC.  Read up on your options HERE.

What Else?

Relax!!!  You have a long time to make a decision.  And make the decision for you!  Everyone will have an opinion but ultimately it's what YOU need to feel comfortable with!  You are already getting that "mommy instinct" go with YOUR gut!!!!