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Are you looking into making your own baby food from scratch? If so stay tuned to the end to get some tips I used when I made my youngest son's baby food.  

Oh Lane and Liam!!!  These two couldn't be any more different! Liam (top left), so laid back, content and happy! Lane (bottom right), curious, mommas boy, and so sensitive.  This 8 months session has by far been my favorite so far in their journey of their first year! Twins will make ya work for it...but in the end it's more than worth it!!!

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Disclaimer: I'm sure some of my momma friends and follower are better schooled in this than me. Organic vs non GMO or both, fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables? So please leave your suggestions/recipes, links in the comments!!! 

So with my first son I did all store bought. I was working full time and then adding this new little person to my life made for a time management failure!  So roll around to baby boy #2...I tried to go the store bought route cause ya know adding another little doesn't exactly give you more time! Well, little dude has a Cleft Lip and Palate (maybe I'll post about that soon) and the thinness of the store bought just wasn't gonna work...we needed a thicker consistency.  So I HAD no choice but to make the time to make our own.  Now did I use all Organic and non GMO or even!  At the time that was less Important to me...I just needed to feed my baby.  Could I have waited till after 12 months to bother with feeding was part of his therapy to learn tongue placement. So homemade baby food it was.

I used can, fresh and frozen fruits and veggies. And fast forward three years...GMO's are kinda important to me now...but I also don't need to make baby food anymore. So if Organic and GMO's are important to you and that's your reason for wanting to make your baby food from scratch and you aren't familiar with what to look for check these out:

1. The Dirty Dozen List 

2. About GMO's 

3.  About Organic  

Tips on what I did to help with time Management and to help hacks that helped me:

1. At first I bought the "special containers" for baby food...only to discover they take up too much lesson 1...get ice cube trays!!!

2. I bought the fancy blender (this broke within 3 months) only to end up with a 2 cheap ones (I'm still using them) so I could blend different "meals" instead of only doing small batches.

3. Set a prep day!!!  I could literally make 3 weeks of food in 2 hours...I had all burners going as well as the microwave and oven..LOL! If you met me....I like to maximize my time and spend less time doing it!!!

4. So once you are in the clear of when it gets a bit easier.  Now you can start blending what you cook for yourselves! Or mixing up multiple fruits and veggies! Yum!  Once they are finger ready...a corse blend will give tiny size finger chunks!!!  Yea for working on fine motor skills!!!!  

These are just some tips but those were my biggest helpers to me!  Happy feeding!!!