Slidell LA | Maternity–Amanda | What to Bring to The Hospital?

These two here...or should I say THREE?!  Baby Jackson is gonna have some fun loving parents!!!  And can you just look at them...aren't they so cute together??!!!  I can NOT wait to meet this sweet little boy!

Slidell LA Maternity Photographer


1. Birth Plan (if you have one)

2. Extra Undies and Extra-Absorbent Pads

3. iPod or Other Device for Playing Music

4. Camera (fresh batteries, your phone and phone charger)

5. Nursing Bra

6. Warm Socks

7. Nightgown and something for you to go home in

8. Toiletries—Including Lip Balm

9. Going-Home Outfit for Your Baby (don't pack too much...but don't forget a hat or socks)

10. A Tube Sock and Three Tennis Balls (back massage)

11. Pacifier (some hospitals are not carrying these anymore)

Diapers, wipes, receiving blankets, formula and bottles are generally provided at the hospital.  If you haven't toured your hospital yet go ahead and make an appointment.  You can ask tons of questions on their procedures and what they provide their new moms and babies.